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Who is this LeahTard Wedgie?

LeahTard Wedgie is a petite passionate person, intent on sharing the gifts she has inherited and cultivated through specialized training and of course, life experience. A firm believer in finding and immersing oneself in a passion, assisting others in discovering theirs is a role she seeks to fill. She insists upon her own inner dork development, and pushing her own comfort zone to more fully empower herself...hoping, in turn, to inspire others to honor their own inner selves, no matter how awkward the process may be!

Mission Statement: To be an empowering attendant to the process of self-exploration by educating and encouraging those that are inspired and curious about discovering their authentic selves.


Mantra: ​I hold space and offer guidance for supported self-discovery.

  • Pursuing Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate, 2017-2018

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified, 2018

  • ​Completed CO Mandatory Youth Reporter Training, 2018

  • Completed Aerial Yoga Instructor Training, 2016

  • Completed Aerial Fabric Instructor Training, 2016

  • Certificate in Foundations of Healing Touch​ training, 2017

  • Completed Trauma-Informed, Survivor-Centered Advocacy Training, 2017

  • Completed CO Intro to Domestic Violence Training, 2017

  • Completed CO Understanding Batterers Training, 2017

  • Completed CO Ethics Training, 2017

  • Completed Youth Protection Training, 2016

  • Basic Life Support, CPR, & First Aid certified

  • Bachelor of Science Degree, 2006

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