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Self-Discovery Guidance

Using a combination of cognitive exercises, physicalities, and sensory activities, I guide clients through techniques designed for self-exploration and discovery. The co-creative process allows for unimaginable possibilities in expansive thinking. Be warned. You might just leave the matrix for good. 

The Wedgie Way Program (Guided Self-Discovery)

$77/session (choice of Cognitive, Physical, Healing)

$277/month (1x week session series) = $31 savings

$827/3 months (1x week session series) = $97 savings


Subscribers/package deals receive bonus 30 minute session to pass along to a friend.

Client receives bonus 30 min add-on to regular session (must schedule in advance) upon friend's redemption. 


Session Series consist of:

Initial intake session - 1.5 hrs aimed at catering and co-creating individualized framework or outline

Cognitive (wellness coaching based) - .75 hrs

Physical/SuperSilly - 1 hr

Healing/Vibrational/Spiritual/Kinesthetic - 1.25 hrs

Reflection Session - 1 hr examining Cognitive, Physical, Healing modalities explored & strategizing future explorations

In my process of self-discovery, I am learning that being the best version of myself is what makes me physically and mentally FEEL good. I am also learning that to be the best version of myself, certain measures must be taken on a daily basis. It is a continual struggle for me, as with many. I identify as a Highly Sensitive Person. I also cope with PTSD & BiPolar Disorder. These are not dis-eases that define me, rather, I am empowered by the knowledge of my truth (knowing myself) and with the knowledge of methods and modalities (tools of self-care and coping) that ease and heal. I spent the majority of my life suffering in darkness and ignorance. Ceasing a lifetime of numbing and finding new perspective has been an uncomfortable yet fulfilling process which continues to bring magical expansion.


My hope is to be an assistant to others in whatever unique ways I can. In my process, there have been and continue to be people whom, at a particular time, were able to provide exactly what I needed in that moment, or period of time. If I can be that person for any of you...well that is at least one way I believe I can put my gifts and talents to good use!

Wishing you all the very best intentions on your paths :) (whether ours cross or not)

Please note that The Wedgie Way program includes movement, self-discovery, and holistic therapies. See separate pricing structure for solely

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