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The Wedgie Way

(LeahTard that is)

Have you ever contemplated uncovering and embracing your inner dork? Dare to unleash the awesomeness that resides inside of you! Join LeahTard Wedgie in a co-created, shared energetic journey aimed at exploring emotional, physical and spiritual balance. Leah incorporates her unique brand of goofballism into the physicality of aerial arts, interweaved with therapeutic hands-on modalities and cognitive exercises. Rooted deeply in silliness and based on the concepts and teachings of holistic wellness & wholehearted living, the Wedgie Way program offers guidance in the art of self-discovery, healing and loving oneself.


While children, we are authentic. As we grow up, societal pressures, personal and ancestral trauma and a host of other things have the potential to veil our nature and what feels natural and true to us. LeahTard Wedgie guides participants through activities proven to bring health benefits and likely to initiate a cascade of exciting and unexpected positive side-effects... indefinitely! If you are curious about living more joyfully, being more present and mindful, feeling better, connecting with people, connecting with nature, being more in your body, or what it feels like to be suspended in the air, just on.


The Wedgie Way is a fun way to explore yourself and your thought patterns, your body and your spatial awareness, and your inner silly self. The Wedgie Way shows you how to live mindfully, through cognitive and kinesthetic exercises and by allowing your authentic nature to shine through. To quote Jim Carrey, “Risk being seen in all your glory.” But until you’re totally ready for that risk, you can explore with the guidance of Leah within a safe space, centrally located in Denver, in the RiNo area. Equipped with aerial apparatus and many other tools, the spaces are free from judgment and the prying eyes of others.


Note from Leah:

I spent the majority of my life ultimately disliking myself and trying to escape my reality. When I was introduced to aerial movement, my life changed on such a key and core level, contributing to a domino effect of incorporating healthy, positive, and enriching things into my life. In working through physical puzzles and challenges, I have discovered analogies for living my other-than-aerial life. Maybe for you, aerial arts isn’t your passion. What I hope to be able to do is illustrate that finding some connection to moving one’s body, in whatever way jives with you, is critical in achieving wellness.

Many lovely people throughout my life have opened my world and mind to the concepts that have resonated with me and allowed me to awaken my true self. I hope to be of help to those souls whose paths I cross in presenting loving energy, sharing information and wisdom, offering guidance, sharing laughter and smiles, and maybe even assisting in more direct ways with healing modalities.

In warmth and loving intention,

Leah Grandstaff, aka LeahTard Wedgie

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