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LeahTard's Creative Sanctuary

LeahTard’s Creative Sanctuary (LTCS) is a physical environment where the curious can safely explore physicalities and connecting with their bodies, minds, & spirits.


LTCS is equipped with aerial rigging (working height approx 19') and aerial fabric (silks), ballet barres, and approximately 12’x16’ of floor-space for movement on the ground (such as dance, yoga, stretching).

Established in August 2015 as a shared place of creative exploration for a small group of aerialists & guests.


Leah offers a commingling of aerial instruction and wellness services within this judgment-free private space which happens to be nestled in a larger, shared space of local creatives :)

Located in the River North (RiNo) area of Denver, Colorado & a proud member of the RiNo Arts District.

Contact Leah for more information on becoming a space-mate (very limited number of spots).

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